Dog Training at Rocky Ridge: Training Dogs to Be the Best They Can Be!

dog training

Experience dog training at Rocky Ridge!

At Rocky Ridge Recreational Facility, our dog trainers focus on making the right things easy and the wrong things difficult within the sensitivity level of each dogs personality. This makes them want to be the best they can be.

With over 30 years of experience, head trainer and owner of Rocky Ridge Recreational Facility, Mike Moreng, takes a philosophical approach to training dogs for basic obedience on the leash as well as off the leash handling for pheasant and waterfowl. Focusing primarily on the personality of the dog, our trainers at Rocky Ridge Recreational Facility work hard to ensure they bring out the dogs instinctive and genetic abilities. With over 30 years of field and waterfowl training experience we will always train with a soft hand and within each dog’s personality for all breeds of flushers and pointers.

While non-hunting breeds are generally not trained at Rocky Ridge Recreational Facility, all skill levels are welcome! Whether your dog is a puppy or a senior, our trainers are excited to provide the most exceptional training in all of Northern Colorado.

Check out two testimonials from satisfied dog owners:

Richard Tarlip of Fort Collins Colorado says, “Thank you for the time you spent training my hunting dog and field companion, Max. I am amazed how obedient he is on and off the leash. His intensity and desire in the field is phenomenal. I now look forward to spending time in the fields at Rocky Ridge this fall, watching Max do what he loves.”

Brent Powers of Longmont Colorado says, “Thank you for taking my pup and turning him into a hunting machine. He handles on and off the leash and does blind retrieves very well. It makes the hunt so much more fun now that he listens and handles so well.”

Hunting breed dogs often incorporate all Flushing and Pointing breeds, including Setters, Wirehair Griffon, German Shorthair, Labradors, English, Springer, English Setter, English Pointer, Brittany Spaniels, Setters and all waterfowl dogs. We use Neck Pheasant and Chukar for training all breeds.

If you would like more information about dog training at Rocky Ridge Recreational Facility, please click here to visit our Dog Training page.

If you have questions about dog training or would like to schedule services with our professional trainers, please call us at 970.221.4868.