Fishing Season is Here!

It is officially fishing season in Colorado! One of the best parts about Colorado is the beautiful outdoors. Between the mountains, lakes and rivers it is hard not to find something enjoyable to do outside. We are lucky enough have our fishing club on a 300-acre private reservoir for fishing enthusiasts of all kinds.

Our fishing season begins April 1 and lasts almost through the end of September. We have been stocking our lake since 1990 with walleye, catfish, crappie, perch and small mouth bass!

We ensure that there are no other boat wakes on the lake to hinder your fishing adventure by secluding the fishing area from the water skiing and slalom course area and the waterskiing is one boat at a time with 20 minute rotations.

In Colorado, there are countless fishing opportunities at the various lakes and rivers. What people get from Rocky Ridge’s fishing club is something that cannot be replicated at just any average lake. Because our recreational experience is so unique we only allow a maximum of 35 fishing club members at this time .

To prepare you for your upcoming fishing adventure, we have outlined 5 things to remember for your next recreational experience.

  1. Come Prepared – Double check that your tackle box has all of your equipment stocked. This includes:
  • Extra fishing line, lures, bobbers, hooks, and sinkers
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Fillet knife
  • Insect repellant & sunscreen,
  • Pain relievers and First Aid Kit
  • Lip Grip Scale & Ruler
  • Flashlight
  • Hook File
  • Fingernail or Line Clippers
  • Gloves
  1. Stay hydrated – It can get very hot during Colorado summers. Make sure to bring extra water and stay hydrated.
  2. Check the weather – Colorado weather can be unpredictable. Check the weather before you come to Rocky Ridge and pack appropriate clothing and footwear.
  3. Bring food – Sometimes the fishing is so good that you will want to stay longer than anticipated. Pack snacks to tide you over so you don’t have to leave early!
  4. Have patience – Even though our lake is stocked, fishing takes patience. Don’t rush the experience. Enjoy the view the wild life and every minute of waiting for the next bite.

Oh and how could we forget #6 – HAVE FUN! We can’t wait to see you this fishing season!