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Summers at Rocky Ridge

The sun is shining, the water is calm and the fish are swimming! We have had a picturesque summer so far and want to share with you some of the great photographs that we have gathered from various fishing enthusiasts.

The private setting that Rocky Ridge offers is something that the average fisherman or water skier cannot get anywhere else. We are honored to give outdoor enthusiasts exactly what they desire when it comes to summer recreational activities.

The 300-acre reservoir allows fish...


The Ultimate Water Skiing Experience at Rocky Ridge

The Colorado sun is finally starting to shine through and that means we are entering water skiing season! Whether you have never been water skiing before or are a water skiing or wake boarding enthusiast, we invite you to come to Rocky Ridge Recreational Facility this summer!

Our Water-ski Club was created to provide the ideal water skiing experience for beginners and experts and give exclusivity that public lakes cannot offer. We limit our Water-ski club memberships to ensure that there are ...


Fishing Season is Here!

It is officially fishing season in Colorado! One of the best parts about Colorado is the beautiful outdoors. Between the mountains, lakes and rivers it is hard not to find something enjoyable to do outside. We are lucky enough have our fishing club on a 300-acre private reservoir for fishing enthusiasts of all kinds.

Our fishing season begins April 1 and lasts almost through the end of September. We have been stocking our lake since 1990 with walleye, catfish, crappie, perch and small mouth b...


Dog Training at Rocky Ridge: Training Dogs to Be the Best They Can Be!

Experience dog training at Rocky Ridge!

At Rocky Ridge Recreational Facility, our dog trainers focus on making the right things easy and the wrong things difficult within the sensitivity level of each dogs personality. This makes them want to be the best they can be.

With over 30 years of experience, head trainer and owner of Rocky Ridge Recreational Facility, Mike Moreng, takes a philosophical approach to training dog...


Pheasants Love Water!

Tip #2: Hunt Pheasants near water.
“Islands — whether they’re surrounded by water or little more than a change in available cover — provide excellent sanctuaries for heavily hunted pheasants, especially on public lands” (Game and Fish Mag).

At Rocky Ridge Outdoor Recreational Facility, we love highlighting our 300-acre reservoir and the extraordinary pheasant-hunting arena it provides. The water provides the birds with a good habitat for living and a source for fresh drinking water...