European Shoot

European Style Driven shoots at Rocky Ridge are patterned after the classic driven shoots. They provide a great group activity for up to 10 people where everyone enjoys superb pass shooting Pheasant.

Pheasants are released from a high Rocky Ridge in Colorado at Rocky Ridge Sporting and Conservation Club, toward the shooters below. The shooters try their hand at pass shooting multiple fast flying birds as they come into shotgun range. Enjoy time together in the field and in our new clubhouse. “Hunt the ones that got away.”

Tips are appreciated!

Group Field Start Times Available 8 am or 1 pm

Reservations and Confirmation required!

Read the Rules and Additional Information Below:

Additional Information

 1.   All rules for this event are mandatory for the safety of all participants and staff and may be adjusted only by Rocky Ridge Management.

2.   All gunners and staff are participating at their own risk.

3.   Any participant, at his or her own discretion, may wear additional florescent orange.

4.   Eye protection is mandatory; shot may rain down from other shooters gunfire on to gunners and staff.

5.   All gunners need to be aware where the other gunning stations are located.

6.   Direct shots fired towards the cliff face are prohibited for the safety of the participants and Rocky Ridge staff and for protecting the areas natural beauty.

7.    Birds below 30 degrees may not be shot at.

8.   Birds can be expected to fly past gunning stations from the cliff top every 30 to 60 seconds but may fly at any time from most any direction at the birds discretion.

9.   Birds may only be shot at only when they initially past the cliff face.

10.   50% of all birds, which do not initially reach the cliff face, become non-shoot able and will not be charged to the gunner’s total release.

11.  If a bird passes the cliff face, then flies back over the cliff face, it is a shoot-able bird.

12.  When turning 180 degrees to shoot, gun muzzle must remain up.

13.  Guns must remain on safety until ready to fire, finger must be out side trigger guard when not shooting.

14.  When loading and un-loading guns, point muzzle in safe direction, generally straight up or straight down is the safest.

15.  It is not advisable to shoot directly over other gunners who would be considered the primary gunner for that bird.

16.  The sound of any horn/whistle blast indicates all gunners to stop shooting, unload immediately and leave chamber open until further notice by management.

17.  After each round of released birds, a horn/whistle will sound, indicating to all gunners to unload, and open their chambers.

18.  There will be four rounds allowing rotation to all gunning stations by all gunners.

19.  Visual/verbal contact by Rocky Ridge Management from the cliff top, will indicate gunners are then allowed to move from their gunning station in order to retrieve downed birds.

20.  All guns are to remain at the shooting station while retrieving downed game.

21.  After each round and once game is retrieved, gunners may then rotate to a new gunning position in a clockwise rotation.

22.  Visual/verbal instructions by Rocky Ridge management from the cliff top will indicate start of new round and the loading of guns.

23.  The only shoot-able game is, Pheasants, (hens and roosters), and Chukar Partridge. Shooting any other game is prohibited.

24.  At the discretion of Rocky Ridge management, and if time allows, participants may hunt un-harvested birds, self guided, for a morning shoot or an afternoon shoots with in the limits allowed for the morning and afternoon hunt times in areas designated by Rocky Ridge management. Time limits are 12:00 noon for the morning hunts and 5:00 pm for the afternoon hunts.

25.  Guides are available for an additional fee, with required notice.

26.  Two additional birds may be harvested over the total release number, at no additional charge.

27.  Shooters are expected to, bring their own shotguns, choke tubes, ammo, Orange hats, drinking water, snacks and wear hiking boots and be dressed for the changing weather conditions.

28.  Non-gunning observers are not allowed.

29.  Trade out of frozen, processed bird available for an additional charge.

30.  Harvested birds may be split equally among all gunners.

31. Rocky Ridge Management may at it discretion, at any time, add or remove rules for the safety and enjoyment of its participants and staff.

32.  Questions are encouraged and opinions are welcome.

33.  Appropriate dress required as this is a  class event.