Dog Training

“There is nothing like an obedient dog in the field with a professional trainer under live gunfire with live birds to help make your hunting dog a true professional.”

From basic obedience (on the leash) training for your pup, to advanced field work for your veteran bird hunting dog, our professional field/bird dog training prepares your bird hunting dog for field success! We have been very successful in training dogs in force fetching which leads to giving dogs hand signals over greater distances.

Allow us to professionally train your bird hunting/gun dog. We take the time to train your bird hunting dog from basic obedience on leash to advanced field training off leash using live game birds under actual gunfire in the field. We will prepare your bird hunting dog for the field by introducing them to game bird scenting, game bird trailing, and hunting under gun fire. As your dog matures we train for steadiness and retrieving to hand from the water or field. More advanced off leash field handling of your bird hunting dog allows them to respond impressively and with reliability. We help you avoid making the mistakes that can ruin the opportunity for you to have a great bird hunting dog in the field.

We train all breeds and skill levels (puppy to adult) including setters, retrievers, griffon, German shorthair, wirehair pointers, flushers, Labradors, English, Springer and Brittany spaniels, setters, all waterfowl dogs, and all upland game ring neck pheasant and chukar field dogs for soft bird handling)

We train with a soft hand and within the limits of the dogs personality and abilities (electric shock collars are used if needed). Allow us to get your field dog ready for the bird hunting season.

Dog Training Options:

In-Board Field/Bird Hunting Dog Training:

Place your dog in our large, comfortable, clean, safe boarding kennel for one month at a time. Training occurs with our professional trainers and your dog 5 days/week with Daily TLC 7 days/week. Shot records must be on file and up-to-date including Bordetella. All billing is done before training.

Personalized Field/Bird Hunting Dog Training Lessons:

Become a part of your dog’s training by taking 7 sessions up to one hour each with our professional trainers, yourself, and your dog. Training sessions are scheduled once per week. Homework with your dog is expected. Shot records must be on file and up-to-date including bordatella. All billing is done before training.

Boarding Kennel/Doggy Day Care:

We can provide your field companion with the comfort, cleanliness, shelter, and safety they need while you are away.
Daily TLC = Mild daily exercise, clean large individual runs, top quality food and fresh water daily plus plenty of TLC 7 days/week. Doggy day care has never been better than at Rocky Ridge.

Shot records must be on file and up-to-date including bordatella. Billing is done during pickup.

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