The Ultimate Water Skiing Experience at Rocky Ridge

The Colorado sun is finally starting to shine through and that means we are entering water skiing season! Whether you have never been water skiing before or are a water skiing or wake boarding enthusiast, we invite you to come to Rocky Ridge Recreational Facility this summer!

Our Water-ski Club was created to provide the ideal water skiing experience for beginners and experts and give exclusivity that public lakes cannot offer. We limit our Water-ski club memberships to ensure that there are no other boat wakes and ensure that the lake is not overcrowded. Only one boat may operate on the lake at any time giving you the perfect flat water to ski on with room to even barefoot ski!

We also offer a Slalom course for those who want an additional challenge on one ski. If water skiing isn’t where your passion lays, we invite water enthusiasts of all kinds to enjoy our private lake. We encourage wake surfers, wake boarders, slalom skiers, and barefoot skiers to enjoy the unique experience of the Rocky Ridge Water-ski club!

Water skiers can look forward to good water even on a beautiful Saturday Colorado day. Other lakes in Colorado will be crowded all summer long. With the exclusive water skiing area at Rocky Ridge, you get all of the benefits of boating on a public lake, with the glass-like water you desire to ski on.

To learn more about our Water-ski Club and to reserve your membership for next year, click here!